I Became a Mother Of 8 At 14 Years Old – Video

Foreign children live a hopeless life without parents.

The Elder sibling is forced to work and act as their parents, hence providing the basic needs, which is not an easy task to the teenagers.

They are not even going to school and are too young to do anything.

What happened to their parents and how do they survive and how do they cope with living a life without parents?

Today we’re in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

We visit these children and they share with us more of their everyday life.

And what happened to their parents is the eldest among these eight children and she’s supposed to take care of everyone here after losing the dad and her mother has been sick for the past four years.

Her body is too weak that she can barely move, let alone doing anything quick.

I call People’s Luggage in the market for a living.

Every day I wake up, get myself ready and start going to the market.

I started doing this job since I turned 10 and is now four years doing this since the demise of one lovely let father.

Yeah, the 14 year old is too young for the business and should be going to school as other children of his age, but life happened and lost their dad, who was the only bread winner.

The only other person who would take care of them was the mother.

Unfortunately, she is lying down enough and need more medical attention for her health to be revived.

Of all possible options that were available, dropping out was the only one that would help her take care of her other siblings and her being the firstborn gave her no other possibilities.

I’m the one who is feeding my seven little siblings.

My mother is alive, but in a critical condition.

She’s been lying down for four years and even when she tries morphing, the best she can do is crawling.

I was the only one who worked to provide for the family, but recently my younger sister joined.

I can carry 25 to 50 kilos on my head.

On a good day I can earn 6500 to 8500 francs.

That is equivalent to three to four dollars, and on a birthday I can just earn 300- 500 Congolese francs, which is equivalent to 1.5 dollars.

And that is not enough to cover and provide all basic needs.

Children being many, eight in total, means that they also need a lot for them to survive.

The 14 year old cannot satisfy all their primary needs, but tries her best.

Lucky for her.

She never goes and returns empty-handed.

We going to school so that maybe in the future life would change and wouldn’t be facing such.

But there’s no one to Pesco fees for us, and that means no one goes to school and none of us has a brighter future, because we believe that education is a key to a bright future.

It’s difficult, she says, being or acting like a mother at such a young age.

She would like having a living, a life War.

She gets to see Parental care, but here she’s trying and doing everything possible to feed and raise her fellow siblings.

Our mother is suffering from a backache.

First she would suffer from malaria, but now her back does not function.

The backbone might have been broken and thus spending fires without being able to do anything.

She’s the first born with 14 years of age, followed by 12 year old Alliance esport, 80 year old Caleb and mervee with seven ASI- 6 only for five- and lastly exosen with four years.

Most of them have an edge difference of only one year, and one might say it might have been a big problem with the parent’s Family Planning, she says.

No one knows whether that that really breathed his last, because he was just taken away from home by some people and since that day he has never returned, nor have they had of any update from him.

It was one evening, around 5 pm.

He was taken when were coming from Rotoru region.

From there we’ve never heard of him.

We just assume that he might have died, because if he was alive we would have known or had him.

They would have also returned and checked on us.

Our neighbor- so hot is phone contacts- tried reaching out and contacting him, but his number went off immediately.

That’s why we sent something wrong might have happened.

The worst of all jobs mainly carrying luggage, which helps them earn a living, since there are no parents and no relative to support them.

The 12 year old says something needs to change.

They deserve better.

They’ll also be happy seeing themselves have a better life at going to school.

We are living a difficult life here without parents.

Sometimes we sleep on empty stomachs.

We are lucky.

We find people who help carrying luggage.

We are always wandering on streets hoping to find anyone that would give us a job.

Asked if she ever went to school, she says that she would like to, but then who would pay those coffees?

Who would provide high school materials?

As any young child, she has some dreams to accomplish, but with no education, she believes that there are almost no chances for her dreams to come true now that there are no parents.

Naomi has to step in the footsteps

And she’s really becoming apparent, since she does, or what parents do to their children, and most oft times she also has to do almost every home activity, from fetching water to shopping for them, to cooking and, lastly, serving them and making sure they’re all happy.

It’s not rocket science to say that these little children need support.

They need food, daily clothes and other basic needs, but, if possible, education would be the best.

Who can all contribute and support them to improve their lives by donating on the giving life’s link found in description and being in top comments.


Life without parents can be difficult and challenging.

It may involve dealing with feelings of Abandonment, loss and grief.

It may also involve taking own responsibilities at a young age, such as managing finances and household duties.

Support from family members, friends and anyone can be important for coping with the challenges of life without parents.

It’s also important to find healthy ways to cope with emotions and maintain a positive outlook on life.

Thank you for watching.

I’m Elijah, and this is afromats English.

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