Living Like Toddlers for 30 Years: Born Different (Video)

If you’re going through a rough time, finding something to give you a little help can make you remember that life is an always part, however painful they are.

Setbacks, failures and tragedies are part of life.

Life has a way of kicking us when we’re down, but we should always remember that the greatest glory in living lies not in ever failing, but in rising every time we fail.

She’s the mother to all these children.

All her three children are disabled, starting from the first born.

Since his first day on the planet, the boy looked somewhat different as he was too small and too short.

He grew up with that short stature that sometimes people would make fun of him, especially during his time at school.

He was always bullied and people said he looks somewhat like a certain animal.

To our surprise, the mother says her firstborn is 35 years old

And it’s hard to believe for anyone that this guy is that old.

Due to this short stature- one might think he’s maybe 22- but due to being born disabled and growing up in a poor environment, while they don’t feed on a balanced diet every day, all these affected their boys growth and development.

Their mother later got pregnant for the second time and produced another disabled child, hence taking him to hospitals immediately, as the boy’s body was weak and one could notice at the first glance that the boy’s bones are not strong.

He grew but went on failing to stand and to see it


On different occasions and up to this present day, the boy has remained like that.

He cannot sit or stand by himself and of course he cannot walk, and speaking too is another issue.

All he does is remaining seated in one place and wait for people to do whatever he wants, as he cannot do anything on his own.

She was happy when she conceived for the third time, as she thought maybe this time she could produce a normal, healthy and strong child who take care of the remaining.

But this was the same old case, just a different day, as the third born is the girl who was also born disabled.

She says one cannot understand how raising all three disabled children took a lot of energy and a lot of sacrifices, plus raising them as a single parent, having been abandoned by their father the moment he saw the third born also coming out disabled.

Some neighbors shamelessly and boldly told this mother that all three children are useless that should never benefit a thing.

Having produced such children, she was forced to stop all her efforts towards raising them, being told they will only make her age and the better was to abandon them or else take their lives away.

As they kept saying, these three would be more of burdens rather than blessings.

But the mother has a strong heart and could not pay attention to this nonsense, and she says God has been there since day one that if it wasn’t God’s mercy, she thinks maybe things would be worse than today’s situation.

She’s ready to do everything she can for these three, but says she’s getting tired as waking up in the morning, going to collect firewood in the bush, coming back at 10 and washing them, hence cooking and feeding them at midday.

All is a big task and she’s getting older, hence becoming weak and weaker.

She says she needs extra support as she cannot manage to leave them alone due to the fact that these three disabled children have no insurance.

It always becomes a big and bigger challenge to this mother whenever one of them is sick, as a folding treatment is not possible as long as she does not work on.

She needs a load, but having seen that she’s getting older and lifting them is no longer possible, she’s here requesting for two wheelchairs so that these two would be moved from one place to another easily by pushing them in a wheelchair and not lifting them.

If you want to help the mother with these two wheelchairs for her children, click on the giving life’s link found in description and pinned in top comments.

The firstborn is the only child among the three who can talk and we took some time talking to him.

He says he’s good at running and figured this out by when he went to school.

He’s the one who helps the mother in most cases, even though he’s not that strong enough to lift any of these.

Thank you for watching.

I’m Elijah, and this is afromax english.

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