Raising 50 Kids Singlehandedly : The Unstoppable Mom – Video


Being a parent is one of the toughest jobs in the world, and doing it all can be even harder.

But imagine raising not just one or two children, but 50.. meet Mama Africa, a remarkable woman who has taken on the incredible task of raising 50 Children all by herself.

In this video, we are going to take a closer look at her inspiring story, her daily challenges and the impact she’s making on the lives of these children, from for the moments of homework and meals to the big moments of love.

Mama Africa

And knows this is the story of a woman who has dedicated her life to being a mother to those who need it the most as a documentary producer, I have seen women who raise many children, like this woman known as Mama Africa, from Rwanda.

She was Raising 40- 47 children and has set up a school and a shelter for them with no interest.

Yet she is not rich.

All this amazing woman from Uganda, who is Raising 44 children, where she lives a daily struggle, trying to feed their mouths and take care of us needs, also known as Mama Africa, is different, and it’s no wonder that she’s raising children who are rejected by everyone.

Of course, this is no more across the world, but remember that this woman is raising children who are not has, and surprisingly they still have their own parents.

But despite everything she holds on, encourage the weight of raising these children, sometimes with nothing to give them.

You will be surprised to learn how she feeds all 50 Children Quail.

She’s not able to work.

Today we are back in wonder where Mama Africa is best.

How she started

Of the Covid-19.

The world seemed to crumble as the group of pandemic changed our lives as lockdowns were installed across the country.

People were badly affected, but Mama Africa, who’s a businesswoman, was able to run her business.

That’s when she started to receive children, and their Journey has only been upwards.

I started this activity in my in March 2020, when Covid-19 was spreading.

First, I was a businesswoman selling fish because I live on the roadside.

Whenever’s children saw me with fish, since I prepared and sold them from home, they would follow me in order to get a little portion of the fish to eat.

Everything was going on well.

As Mama Africa was still running, her business situation would worsen a little afterwards.

After a business collapsed, she thought about letting go of her children.

But a new idea would pop up soon.

Every day, children would increase in numbers and by January 2021.

I stopped my business because my Capital had been stunned, yet I could see that children were increasingly coming to my house and they would stay with me all day long.

I thought that giving up on these children would not be fair.

Because of the love I have for my children, I decided to put them in the family and raise them.

I started with 17 children and now they’re 50.

As you can see, Mama Africa raised all 50 children from the compound of her house.

It’s also here what she had established: a small school to teach those who are here to go to school.

All the children

Oh wow, all the children she raises have something in common: they all come from poor families, but, among them, their categories.

Every day, Mama Africa has to feed all these children at least twice a day.

When they get here every morning, she provides them with porridge and gives them food by lunchtime.

Childrens center

Amen, in 2021, local authorities appreciated our initiative and gave her the permission to do.

Her worked the number of children she had to take care of significantly.

In June 2021, local authorities wanted to start a children’s center in our region and, because I already had children who might take care of, local authorities decided to give me the permission to stand my house into a children’s center.

There’s no capacity to take care of all my children, but because of passion, God helps me.

I also get support from friends and family who are touched by my actions, and that taught me to get food and porridge for the kids.


Friday, Friday, Saturday, even with support from friends and family and luck authorities, Mama Africa still struggles a lot to take care of these children, especially now that their numbers are increasing.

Sometimes she lacks enough porridge and food to feed every child.

Yet she knows that most of the children she supports eat only at her house when she is not able to feed them.

To feed them, some children may not be able to have a single meal per day.

Wait, it’s so hurtful for a child.

I face many challenges because I received mostly children from poor families, which I struggle to provide them with healthy foods and clothing.

Children who have prostitutes, mothers, also suffer from lack of Love.

They appear sad and it’s tough to show them love.

They lack sufficient nutrients and overall care from their parents.

They spend little time with their parents and it’s difficult to take care of them.

That challenge we face is taking care of Street children.

It is tough to formalize them.

They suffer from lack of discipline.

They still insult their colleagues, fight with others.

It requires Great attention to take care of them.

It’s also tough to feed them, since they are used to eating food from garbage.

Besides that, Mama Africa rents her house, yet she no longer goes out to make money, since she spends most of all her time taking care of these children.

Because of poverty, she rented a small house with little room for children to play, which him does that development.

I parent

And I struggled to find Space to raise these children.

Sometimes children got into neighbor’s properties and destroyed them.

In that case, I have to pay for them.

I don’t have the capacity to take care of them on a daily basis.

If people help me to find a good place to put these children and to find something to feed them every day, it will be helpful.

My dream is to find a place I can put this lives.

I place the house, current children and the future ones who will come.

I wish to find a bigger place where children can play and have fun, to make their lives better in order to improve their lives.

Mama Africa wishes to start separating children according to their level of education.

At the moment she treats every child the same, yet that doing Elementary classes, While others are a bit more advanced to primary level, defines a bigger place.

She plans to separate her children in order to take care of them in accordance to their different needs.


Foreign Africa to look after these children through Givinglivecom, with links, phone in description and print and top comments.

Every child deserves labs and care, no matter the family party, as various researchers have pointed out on the importance of raising at you in a family as of as of Street lives, Mama Africa asks you and me to have love and compassion for the disadvantaged children in order to give them a second chance in life.

Thank you for watching.

I’m Elijah, and this is English.

Remember, subscribe.

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