Three children lost their father and mother lost their leg on the same day – Video

Foreign of her husband.

This mother of seven had an accident that nearly killed her, but she was fortunate enough to survive, despite losing the leg in the process.

She says that it’s one of our worst days ever up to now.

She still finds it difficult to understand how they were grieving, coming from the husband’s funeral and had that accident that took away many people’s lives.

How is this woman coping with life after losing the husband and her leg on the same day, and how does she manage to take care of her seven children all by herself?

Thank you, they were in the Kalama region, near the nearest Congo volcano in the northern Cave of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

I have no husband right now.

I’m a wito.

I lost my husband two years ago.

The same day when we were going on his funeral, a catastrophe happened.

I had a tragic accident that nearly killed me, but I somehow managed to survive.

What happened was beyond comprehension, because there was still grieving for the death of the father.

Everyone was not in a good mental state and, as they hoped to get over it.

Try learn how she would survive, raising her seven children whom the husband had left.

The worst of all happened, and she remembers how it all went just like yesterday.

We came to this region after fleeing the wall that had broken into the region where we lived are coming here.

There was a lot of famine, we had nothing to do and we were starving.

Then my husband realized that job opportunities here ask us.

My husband was ready to do everything for his family and then decided to go back where we lived.

Despite the fact that the war was going on and many people were dying reaching there, he was immediately killed.

Even before going, we were afraid because we had come here to survive and live peacefully, but hunger forced my husband to go back.

We hoped he would return with money, but only his body returned.

Um, in too much pain, grief and mourning.

The barrel ceremony was organized as they prepared a proper send-off to their dad, but little did they know that.

Another tragedy was pending music after beating flowers to him.

It was time for everyone to go back.

However, we had a car accident where Vehicles crashed into each other.

Many people lost their lives and they lost my leg in that terrible accident that nearly put an end to my life.

I was in a critical condition, taken to the hospital and given treatment.

She also doesn’t remember what happened exactly for her to lose the leg.

The last thing she remembers was her sitting with some friends, family members and other relatives screaming, and then she woke up finding herself at the hospital with doctors telling her that she was in coma for a few hours.

Doctors do not explain everything to patients, more especially people who had such guesses as mine.

They avoid telling them more of what happened to avoid trauma and any of that kind.

Oh yeah, up to now they don’t know what caused the accident.

They don’t know who hit them, whether they were to be given compensation or not.

They know nothing.

She’s just here great for that.

At least none of our children were hurt or injured in that accident, for it would have left another big scar on her heart.

We really survived the impossible and made it out alive, despite the fact that I lost my leg, but I’m alive.

The next chapter was even more challenging.

Since I have no energy to work, I can’t move, as I used before, apart from crawling, since no one works here.

Surviving is the toughest challenge.

They barely afford buying food and spend many days and night without eating, except when a neighbor shows up with food or money and sells the day.

Otherwise they would starve to death.

We’re having too many problems.

We struggle to afford food daily if not the neighbor’s support.

One of my children has to be lucky and get a casual job and earn something for us.

That’s how we survived, because I personally cannot manage to do anything.

The mother has seven children.

The firstborn has 20 years of age and the last born has two years since she had that terrible accident when she was pregnant, but the baby in the womb miraculously survived.

My 20 year old firstborn has no permanent job at the moment.

He also does not go to school, but when we lived in Massachusetts before coming here in Goma, all my children were going to school as their father was paying their school fees.

After moving to this place, life was more complicated.

Even affording daily food became an impossible mission.

So who would go to school without eating and hold managed badass coffees?

No one in what followed was obvious: dropping out now that she has nothing to do.

She spent all her days here with her children and since most of them don’t attend school, they’re always here with her, helping her do some home activities that include cleaning the house, the compound, washing dishes, cooking food and more.

Her children are in the school going age and are supposed to be studying, so that maybe they’ll be the ones to change and improve their family standards of living.

However, the dreams of acquiring some skills are almost becoming impossible, and remaining here has been their debt-to-day Duty and lack of Education can result in reduced literacy rates, lower levels of skills and knowledge, and can have a significant impact on the economic and social development of a community or country at large.

This mother of seven says they need a lot, starting from food to a wheelchair, since we cannot move apart from crawling plus medication, as the lake which remained still has some painful scars that might cause other related illness.

If there is any Good Samaritan willing to offer some help, you can contribute on the giving less link found in description and paint in top comments and change their lives forever.

Suffering can have a profound impact on a person’s quality of life and well-being, and can also lead to feelings of hopelessness, depression and anxiety.

Addressing and alleviating suffering is an important aspect of healthcare, social services and personal growth and development.

Thank you for watching.

I’m Elijah, and this is afromax English.

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