We Are Not Monkeys, We Are Children from Heaven: Extraordinary People (Video)

Foreign, foreign, whose children helps French faces, and most people thought they were not people, but maybe beasts, apes, monkeys and other animals.

These three little children were born with an illness that made them look like this, and since then they were always bullied.

The mother decided to lock them inside the house for years, being the reason they had no agility.

She Was Bitten and later abandoned by their father because she gave birth to such kids and after that life became difficult.

Unfolding these children’s daily meals was almost impossible.

Foreign when they had lost hope and brought in some foods and other materials that can help.

This mother said she would like seeing her children going to school and thought that was a dream that will never, ever come true.

Until the day Aftermarks did advocacy for these children and a certain Community Center showed up is: this community center restores People’s Health through training and therapy to young children, more especially the disabled ones.

After spending time at this community center, a lot has happened and everyone can clearly see that, as they are now clean and healthier than before.

It’s not only that, but these children are given Physiotherapy and taught some basic education.

When we visited them last year, the mother was so happy about what was happening she was trusting the process as his children were given a home where to live.

The three children live in this house and have someone taking care of them who is not their mother, as their mother remains back home in the village.

Today we again visit the three little children and we can see that improving daily.

They look good and have adapted to living with other people, having spent more and more years locked inside the house.

Three little angels have their Beautiful Smiles, naivety and humbleness, who are glad they were introduced to the society and were given a chance at happiness, for they deserve to be part of it and experience it like the rest of us.

Having faced a difficult life full of hardships and other life challenges, this mother has been living in a very old house which was built 20 years ago and never since that day.

This house has never been reconstructed.

The house was too old that whenever it rained what, I would fill up the house and they could no longer sleep until when rain stops and they start draining water out, then sleep.

After we have a Christmas present to this family, we take these children somewhere and ask the mother to escort us to someone she does not know from the school to where we are heading is a long journey and, as one can see, these little children are enjoying the ride and, according to their eyes, one can tell they can’t wait to see where we’re going.

Neighbors having none were coming today.

They gathered so as to overcome the three little children who had spent almost two years having one at school.

Surprise, surprise, today we decided to gift this family a brand new house as a Christmas present.

Claudine, this mother of three, already said living in that poor old house was risky and today she has got a brand new house for her and her three little children- foreign.

First of all, this mother is happy for having her children back and appreciating everyone that helped so that these children will be studying.

She says right now her kids have grown and appreciates treatment they were given to her.

Words can explain how happy she feels deep inside the heart.

The moment she saw the house she could not believe it was hers.

She felt like crying but calmed herself as quick as possible, as the house has three bedrooms and a sitting room and each room has a brand new bed and a new mattress.

If the living room has beautiful sofas and a smart TV for these children and their mother not to be bored whenever they are at home.

Foreign says she never imagined that one day should be having such a house, then sit in a sitting room while watching the TV.

To her this is unbelievable and a dream come true.

She also takes time thanking Obongo Community Center for having treated her children before.

Walking was somehow difficult and I was somehow bent, but with physiotherapy from this community center now her three children can work properly.

Foreign were treated and taught how to live in the society.

She says no more locking them inside.

She’ll let them play with other children.

As she can now see her children adapted to the society, is the village leader here.

He’s happy that Aphromax new and visited this family and today A lot has happened.

The family is having a better life compared to how they used to live.

Foreign, as a leader in this Village, what makes him happy the most is that this mother had lost confidence and could not feel proud due to how different people described her children about.

Today Claudine is a happy and a proud mother.

Foreign concluded saying that all people should be treated equally, no matter how they were born, no matter how they look like.

He has always told and encouraged neighbors here not to hurt or bully these children in one way or the other.

Jacqueline is the neighbor to Claudine.

She saw these three little kids as the dead they were born.

She is happy that these three little children look happy, clean and more displained.

Claudine says the community center promised and fulfilled the promise of paying two academic years of these children and now that has come to an end she is now supposed to be paying Vasco fees.

That’s why she’s here requesting for the support so that she can get coffees of her children.

You can help her get coffees of her three children by contributing on giving left Link phone in description and pinned in top comments.

If you wonder how you’ll get through this new heartbreak, just think back.

Remember all you’ve been through in the past and how, each time you saw, you never get through it, but you did and look where you are right now.

These two shall pass foreign.

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