Woman gave Birth to Quadruplets after 15 years of Waiting with no child : MY EXTRAORDINARY STORY – Video

But yeah, and we’re, we’re not a vegetable place.

I had already given up and convinced myself that I would never have babies and the children were not meant to be mine.

Musama um, in life we Face difficult situations and lose hope, and then we try to figure out the meaning of it all, but we still don’t get it.

It is good how we always advise to enjoy our lives, in which we mostly expect satisfaction, but life is always complicated and can become miserable most of the time.

Yes, 15 years ago Mary got married and, as usual, the first thing on her mind was to Bear the fruits of love, to Bear babies.

Of course she likes babies, but babies were not her blessing.

Also, she thought my name is Mary and I have been married for 15 years with no hope of having a child.

I married a man, but we didn’t get a chance to have any children.

For the past 15 years we lived together.

It was a tough Journey for me, especially since my husband sometimes wanted to give up on me until a miracle happened in my life.

And see the last video You Wish their wood screen color can you see in your name is one experienced unbearable pain.

The two words can’t explain life got bitter to the extent that she thought of committing suicide, but today she’s no longer crying, as she has given birth to quadruplets foreign.

The first year of marriage was typical for her.

Two years later she still thought it was normal, but her neighbors and some family members had already started to bird Martha and asked her why she doesn’t have children yet.

It was a tricky question she didn’t have an answer for, especially since it had been eating her inside.

Luckily, her husband had kept his promise to stay with her through thick and sin.

However, his patience was tested to the limits, primarily because of the rumors circulating in his village.

As a result, her relationship with her husband got a bit strained and it started to feel like a wall between them, as the man’s patience was seriously taxed.

Still, the family kept trying hard to hold them together as they visited the doctors to seek medical help.

She initially, Mary, could conceive, but she couldn’t give birth, since most of her pregnancies resulted in miscarriage.

She had tried five times without success, so they always had to seek medical attention and finally, after 15 years of trying, Mary was informed that she was pregnant with not only one child but four children.

I tried to find Medical Solutions, but getting to the doctor was a long and difficult Journey.

We were struggling to afford the medical attention we needed.

However, we kept trying and I got pregnant when I wasn’t expecting it.

I was so overwhelmed that I couldn’t fully fantasize about it myself.

During my 15 years of trying to get a baby, I had gotten pregnant before, but had miscarriages.

I was so afraid that this pregnancy might not be successful, as people would come to see if I was truly pregnant.

Even I myself only accepted that I have children after delivering them.

Otherwise I thought I would miscarry, as they happened during my previous pregnancies.

I was so happy during my pregnancy because I was ready if anything went wrong, but I believed in God.

Neighbors and family members would gossip about me.

It was a very tough, long journey, but I perceived everything and persisted through it all.

Finally, by 25th December 2022, God answered my prayers and gave me quadruplets.

Foreign gave birth to her quadruplets.

She never worried about any other thing.

Her only concern was holding babies in her arms.

She was extremely happy and rejoiced with her family and friends who all had been waiting for this miracle moment to come to her 1950 Aviation when I finally held Healthy Babies.

It was extremely happy families celebrated and everybody was surprised.

It was an incredible, joyful moment.

You can imagine how I had given up throughout all these years.

I felt like I no longer had a chance to give birth and that my time had passed.

I had reached a point where I no longer thought about it, but I was also surprised.

In the same way, other people were surprised, foreign, however, her happiness quickly flew away because Mary immediately struggled to find the financial abilities to raise her four babies.

Her financial situation was already worse because of the expenses she had endured during all 15 years of constant medical bills.

While trying to examine the problems that prevented her from giving birth unexpectedly, doctors told me I had four children in my womb.

I couldn’t believe it because I wanted babies so much, so I never worried about it, because all I wanted, for a very long time struggling, was to have a baby.

However, I was not sure my pregnancy would be successful, so it was a miracle to finally give birth to four children.

I never thought about the difficulties of raising for children at once.

Instead, I only asked God to do me a favor and allow me to Bear all four children, because I had spent a very long time without children.

Not that easy to have one child, so imagine having four children at once.

In addition to the fact that I spent a long time seeking medical attention, our financial capabilities have shrunk considerably.

Yes, we celebrated our babies, but our main problem now is that we lack financial means to raise them properly.

With four babies to take care of.

Mary is too occupied to go to work as she used to.

She has to stay with her children because they need constant attention and time, which leaves her minimal means to take care of herself and her children.

As a result, her children are suffering the consequences.

To breastfeed them is quite a big challenge.

I struggle to produce enough breast milk and they are surviving on cow milk, which is even so difficult for me to afford because of the financial problems that I’m going through.

What worries me the most is that I don’t even have enough milk to feed them.

We spent money trying to get medical help for my sickness and now we are out of money.

We barely Survive by people who are very kind to us and help with something.

I am humbly asking everyone capable of helping us to help, because we really need support.

You can help Mary through the Giving Life Link in the story’s description and the top comments foreign.

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